Moo-V (say it as “moo-vee”) is a tool specially designed for students to create short presentation videos. It is extremely easy to use and is an ideal first tool for students to learn about video-making, while they are mastering their language skills – writing, speaking and representing.

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Main Features

Camera recordings are used to add presenters to the video. Multiple camera recordings can be added to a single sequence to create a stylized effect to help enhance the presentation or storytelling. Presenters can also apply filters to their camera recordings to turn themselves into virtual characters.
Scrolling texts may be used as teleprompters for presenters to read their scripts and they may also be used as captioning (or subtitles) in the final video.
Multiple images can be stacked up to create a slideshow and the timing to display each of the images can be controlled during camera recordings.
External videos can be added to enhance the presentation or storytelling.
Presenters can scribble annotations in their presentations and they can even have their scribblings recorded during camera recordings.

How-to Videos

How to create a simple Moo-V presentation

Sample Videos

A news report by a third-grader from Eugene, Oregon